Inntopia Participates in Toy Drive for the Holidays

This year, we at Inntopia felt strongly about focusing our Holiday Celebrations on finding meaningful ways to give back to the community.

The first step was to find a cause to which we wanted to donate. We decided on helping local and area children, and after a phone call to the Lamoille Family Center, we quickly realized we had found the perfect outlet for our giving.

At this time of year, the organization actively collects food, money, and toys to distribute to families in need. We focused on the toys, an option we could easily manage, and a good fit that allowed for a little creativity from our team.

Annually, the organization collects gifts to be distributed to kids, infant to age 12. They set up two tables – one for donated toys under $10, and one for over $10. Parents can come in before the holidays and pick one item from each table. Everyone at Inntopia was asked to buy a toy for each table.

As one can see from the photo, our team’s participation was very high, donating over 50 toys to the cause. We are ecstatic about the result, and the family center was glad to welcome Inntopia to its list of donors – and add to its pile of toys.

If you like our idea and would like to donate this holiday season, it is fairly easy to find non-profit organizations welcoming various types of donations in your area. Here is one in the Vail area.

Next year, with a little more time to plan, we may participate in the United Way’s program for teens to which people donate gift cards. The organization believes that teens are often an age group that is overlooked.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!