• Automated processes produce efficiencies throughout the system.
  • Interfaces improve productivity for you and your suppliers.
  • Innovations provide flexibility and robustness.
  • Leading edge technology and architecture creates security and reliability.
A powerful, easy-to-use reservation tool

Sell travel products online, and through a call center.

Inntopia.CRS is a powerful and easy-to-use reservation tool for any central reservations center, ski resort, destination marketing organization, tour operator, hotel group, or property management company seeking new levels of sales and efficiency.

We’re constantly making improvements and adding features to ensure your reservation agents and online customers are equipped with the most advanced reservation system on the market.

Connect to travel suppliers


  • Sell any type of travel product (lodging, activities, transportation, events, air, insurance, etc).
  • Suppliers manage their own content, availability, and rates.
  • Inntopia's customer support provides free supplier training and ongoing maintenance.
  • Growing list of interfaces creates efficiencies.
  • Allows you to concentrate on selling to your customers.
Inntopia.RMS (reservation management system)
A robust, intuitive interface

A powerful extranet, multiple interfaces, and friendly customer support.

Inntopia maintains a customer support group that is available to train and answer any questions travel suppliers have about Inntopia.RMS, our powerful and robust extranet. This allows your staff to concentrate on marketing and selling to your customers.

Couple our friendly knowledgeable staff with our growing list of direct interfaces and you have a system that is designed to enhance your relationship with the travel suppliers.

Define your business rules


  • Ability to support your specific business requirements.
  • Allows you to set default rules and then create exceptions on a per supplier basis.
  • Ability to adjust rules by sales channel, website, and CRS.
Set your rules and automate your processes

Flexibility to set rules at multiple levels.

Regardless of your business model, the incredible flexibility of the Inntopia system lets you define your rules and extend them into areas that create real value for your organization.

  • Choose the suppliers that you want to sell (lodging, activities, events, equipment, transportation, etc.).
  • Apply a ranked or random display order.
  • Rate travel suppliers using your own criteria (price, quality, etc.).
  • Enter your rules for receivables, payables, deposit policies, and cancellation policies.
  • Set your commission rates and/or net rate markups, varied by supplier, category or product.
  • Determine who collects from the guest: you, your suppliers, or a combination.
  • Adjust any of these accounting rules by sales channel.
  • Define display preferences for your online and call center channels.
Create your packages and promotions


  • Create virtually any type of marketing-based package or promotion.
  • Offer more to your customers at every touch point.
  • Convert more and sell more by combining any components together in a package.
Create your packages and promotions

Robust package and promotion functionality.

The Inntopia package and promotion engine is the most robust system in the industry for enabling your marketing team to create innovative ways to sell your products.

The breadth and type of promotions is limited only by your creativity—not by the software. Since all of these are available online through our intuitive online engine, you convert more—without any agent interaction.

  • Choose who controls the discounting: you or your suppliers.
  • Select blackout dates or adjust discounts by time period.
  • Set the discount at the supplier or product level.
  • Choose available dates including book-from and book-until dates.
  • Override deposit and cancellation policies if necessary.
  • Choose to display the discount or leave it opaque.
  • Choose whether a package is available to everyone or only those with a specific promotional or group code.
  • Select the sales channel(s) through which a package is sold.
  • Add additional, required, or optional components.
  • Define the requirements for the secondary components (minimum quantity, maximum quantity, default to receive the discount).
  • Create a tour package that has stops in different destinations. (Stay one night here: choose lodging and activities / stay second night there: choose lodging and activities, etc.).
Sell your products


  • Training times significantly reduced.
  • Fewer staff needed due to the efficiency of the reservation process.
  • Single image of the guest means that reservations can be saved in the call center and finished online, or saved online and finished in the call center.
Sell online and through your call center

Sell through multiple channels.

Whether you are selling online, or over the phone, the Inntopia user interfaces create an efficient, intuitive pathway that reduces your training times and ultimately the amount of staff you hire.

Call center

  • Train your agents in record time.
  • Tie your marketing sources to saved and reserved itineraries.
  • Use extensive pre-search filtering to target your results.
  • Override the live availability to accommodate a call-and-request.
  • Customize and reserve packages directly from the search results in one click.
  • View quotes saved online and proactively reach out to those customers, or reserve quotes if the customer contacts you.


  • Create multiple entry points into the reservation process (search all, single supplier, specific package, etc.)
  • Add a promotional or group code box to limit a package discount to a select group.
  • Apply pre- or post-search filters to your results.
  • Determine the order of the search results, and how many are returned.
  • Brand the search results with your website look and feel.
  • Create your own customized reservation path using Inntopia.Feed.
Monitor and analyze your performance


  • Measure your marketing and promotions effectively so you can capitalize on those that are producing.
  • Analyze the sales from your various channels, individual agents, and online.
  • Gain a complete and nuanced picture of your business so you can increase revenue.
Measure and analyze

Analyze all aspects of your business.

Inntopia offers over 40 reports that facilitate a comprehensive view of each aspect of your business. Reports are available in real time as HTML, Excel, and  XML.

  • Sales reports
  • Guest reports
  • Marketing reports
  • Receivable reports
  • Payable reports
  • Administrative reports
  • Air reports

These reports are supplemented by a comprehensive data warehouse so you can pull all of your records via web services and create your own reports.

Inntopia also supports integration with several analytics platforms including Google Analytics, Click Tracks, and Omniture.

Training / Implementation


  • Significant reductions in training time.
  • Comprehensive training including onsite if requested.
  • All members of your organization are trained efficiently so that they can concentrate on their tasks.
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Training and implementation

Efficient training means a quick implementation.

Inntopia offers a comprehensive training program, with a staff that is dedicated to making sure that all stakeholders in your organization understand the system.

Remote training using the latest online tools is combined with onsite training. A full evaluation is performed at the end of training to ensure that you have the knowledge to succeed.

  • Training includes best practices based on our knowledge of the industry and businesses similar to yours.
  • A training program and agenda is tailored specifically to your business requirements.
  • Webinars, video, online, and individual training is combined to provide you with the information that you need.
  • Manuals, online resources, webinars, a support number and an annual partner group meeting provide ongoing training.
Ongoing support


  • Support is inclusive with the system. No additional fees or expensive support contracts.
  • Knowledgeable friendly staff is available to answer your questions.
  • Fast resolution of your questions.
alt text
Ongoing support and training

Support provided to you and your suppliers.

Inntopia provides you and your suppliers with a personable and knowledgeable staff that is available to you six days a week. Each staff member has functional expertise in certain areas of the system such as accounting, packaging, supplier support/training, agent support/training, or software integrations. You call one number to be connected with the specific expert that can answer your question.

  • Functional experts are available to you and your suppliers six days a week.
  • Staff is well trained and receives ongoing training as functionality is added.
  • Webinars are provided on a regular basis to retrain your staff on existing functionality or update them on new system features.
  • Support staff is located in our corporate headquarters where they have access to and interaction with all of our personnel on a daily basis.
Optional Modules


  • Automation improves the efficiency of your receivables and payables processing.
  • Enables you to manage net rates as well as commissionable rates.
  • Interfaces into numerous accounting systems elimnate data entry errors.
Automate your receivables and payables

Manage your receivables and payables.

Inntopia.AR/AP is a comprehensive system for managing your receivables and associated payables. It extends the capabilities of Inntopia.CRS to enable you to, among other things, collect directly from the guest, process net rates, and schedule payables to your suppliers.

  • Collect directly from the guest according to either your or your supplier’s schedule.
  • Schedule and manage your customer receivables.
  • Enable your guests to split reservation payments across multiple credit cards.
  • Apply credits directly to a guest’s portfolio which can be used as a form of payment on their next booking.
  • Perform refunds and make adjustments to reservations.
  • Schedule and manage payables to your suppliers and travel agents.
  • Push payable batches into your accounting system (for our current accounting system interfaces, see Connectivity).


  • Let's you offer your customers air inclusive packages.
  • Agents are able to reserve air quickly through the intuitive, browser-based interface.
  • Online customers can reserve an entire vacation including flights.
Sell air online and in your call center

Offer flights to your customers.

Inntopia.Air is an easy-to-implement module that lets you to reserve flights both online and through your call center. The system links directly into Travelport to pull private, commissionable, and web fares into an intuitive interface.

  • Present customers with one travel itinerary and manage the accounting for all components.
  • Manages markups on private fares and commissions on commissionable fares.
  • Automatically add a booking fee to non-comissionable fares.
  • Pull PNR's built-in Travelport directly into the Inntopia.Air module