Happy International Day of Peace

Today’s the day! On September 21 nations around the world celebrate the International Day of Peace. Since 1982, the United Nations has commemorated the day by officially promoting and recognizing people, groups, and activities that contribute to global peace.

Some of the efforts, like the work towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals of poverty alleviation, quality universal education, and climate change mitigation, are substantial and far-reaching. Yet the means are often humble, too. People everywhere will participate in Peace Day with moments of silence, meditation, community events, and yoga.

Want to learn more or get involved? Visit http://internationaldayofpeace.org/ to learn more about contributing your time, energy, or money to causes that foster peace in your community and the world! Whether you say ειρήνη, paz, שָׁלוֹם, or pokój, all of us here at Inntopia wish you a very happy International Day of Peace!

By Julianna Fedrizzi, Partner Services

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