Five Transaction Trends for 2016

A couple of weeks ago, we gave you some insights on what time of day people tend to search for and book vacations. We dug into that data a little deeper to see if we could find any trends in 2016. While some findings were not all that surprising, some were.

What did we discover?

  • Manic Monday: Apparently the satisfaction of a fun weekend or the longing to have an awesome getaway creates demand on Mondays. Mondays saw the most activity, closely followed by Tuesdays. On the other hand, Saturdays and Sundays were the least active. Perhaps people are too busy enjoying the getaway they booked last Monday? The busiest Monday of all? Cyber Monday. It was the also the busiest day in 2016. No surprise there!
  • Power Lunch: As lunch time approaches on the East Coast, so does the number of new shopping carts. Looks like people are as ready to think about their next getaway as they are ready to take a mid-day break.
  • I’m Dreaming of a ________: As people are consumed by the chaos of the holidays and cabin fever starts to set in, they’re dreaming of warm beaches, green golf courses, or deep, champagne powder. They’re thinking about being anywhere but here. December saw the highest number of new carts created in a month, closely followed by January; whereas May, and the close second of April, were the slowest. The eruption of spring may seduce people into enjoying where they are and think less about escaping to somewhere else.
  • So Many Carts Left Behind: On average, 74% of the carts created in 2016 were abandoned. Apparently, people love to get caught up in the fantasy of that vacation, but then reality hits and dreams are abandoned. September was the month most likely to let those dreams fade away; while in February, people were more likely to commit. Since families tend to be in transition due to the start of the school year, it may not be a surprise that people aren’t thinking about their next getaway in September.
  • My Name Is________: We did find, however, that if a guest entered their personal information, the abandonment rate dropped to 29%. So, if you’re lucky enough to get the guest to register or log in to an existing account, the chances of them completing the booking increased significantly.

No matter how you interpret the data, one thing is certain: Everything is competing with you to get a potential guest to commit. It’s time to get those creative juices flowing so you can turn a potential guest’s fantasy into reality.

This blog was written by Melissa Jordan, eLearning Specialist, with data compiled by Matt Sontum, Senior Database Administrator at Inntopia.


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