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Trends Q: If you post multiple times a day on Facebook, will later content see less engagement?

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We’ve heard this questions a lot, seen it analyzed before, heard plenty of rumors about its existence, but wanted to run the numbers specifically for resorts. If you post more than once a day on Facebook, will each subsequent post see less and less engagement? That was our question, here is our answer.

The Goods
To find our answer we looked at over 25,000 Facebook posts from mountain resorts in the United States. Instead of looking at total engagement, we looked at engagement rate in terms of how many fans the page had at the time the content was posted.

So, if a page had 10,000 fans and get 100 likes, the “like rate” would be 1%. The horizontal axis represents the daily post number. So a “5” would mean it was the fifth post by that brand on Facebook that day. Likes outnumber shares/comments by about 10:1, so we’ve scaled the latter two so all start at a similar point with 0.00% being the min.

Diminishing Returns

It doesn’t take long to long to see that, almost without fail, each incremental Facebook post will get fewer likes, comments, and shares than the previous with shares coming to closest to zero after 10 posts.

What This Means
I think the important thing to remember is that this does reflect a diminishing return, but it’s not a negative return. Each additional daily post may get less engagement than its predecessor, but it’s still engagement.

Unless you only have enough content to post once a day or other goals or priorities that conflict, there’s not much in the data to scare you away from posting more than once a day on Facebook. That said, pacing yourself may be worth considering so you don’t post a dozen times one day and only once the next.

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