Five key insights to help you build the perfect email template.

If you’ve been reading our posts for a while you may have noticed we’re trying a few new things. One of these ideas was building predictive tools based on our data and the other is what we’re posting today.

We’ve been publishing new content every week since 2012. Do the math, that’s over 200 unique insights based on unique data sets. Every year we do a recap of the top posts, but those lists aren’t broken down by topic which is how most of you sort through our archive of charts and insights.

Rather than just add categories of all posts – good and bad – we’re handpicking collections of the top posts around specific themes. Today’s topic is email template design. Enjoy.

Does anyone even click those website-style nav bars in your email template?
We’ve looked at various aspects of email templates before, but a very common question surrounds a very common element: navigation bars…
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Is there any correlation between an email’s word count and its performance?
A natural question is whether word count follows suit. So, do 400 word emails perform any differently than 100 word emails…
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If there are more links in an email, will more people click?
What happens when you go from a few links in a campaign to a lot of links? It’s a simple question with an intriguing and…
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How many people actually click the social icons in your emails?
Once novel, social icons in the header or footer (or both) of an email template are now nearly ubiquitous. But how many people actually click them…
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Do larger image files impact the deliverability of resort campaigns?
If you’ve spent any time in the email marketing field you’ve likely heard some form of best practice relating to limiting the size of images…
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We’ll be back with a new hospitality-specific marketing insight next week. Don’t want to miss it? Stick your email below.

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