Don’t Overlook Your Blackout Dates!

Do you have a ski and ride package that is only available mid-week? Or perhaps an activity that isn’t offered mid-week? How do you build your promotions to cater to this type of schedule? It’s easy to do by setting up blackout dates.

When you define your blackout dates, your guest can easily see when the promotion can be booked. In this example, the mid-week package is not available for check in on Friday or Saturday during any week of the month, or during the holiday week.

Within the promotion’s settings, each weekend and holiday period has been entered as a Blackout Interval.

Inntopia makes entering blackout dates a quick and easy process. Taking the time to let guests know exactly when a package is available, and when it’s not, reduces confusion. Confused guests either call to speak with an agent or abandon their attempt to book all together.

Make it easy for the guest to book. Blackout dates should not be overlooked.

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