Quick Tip – Commerce

Weekly Commerce Quick Tip: Sometimes You Just Want to Pick and Choose

Updating the Tape Chart is pretty easy. Double-click in a cell and update the number(s). But if you have to update multiple dates and room types at a time, this can be pretty time consuming. There are several ways that you can update multiple cells at once. Simply left-click and hold as you move the …

Weekly Commerce Quick Tip: How Do You Translate That?

Bienvenido. Willkommen. Bienvenue. Välkommen. Benvenuto. Bem vinda. There's nothing more inviting to your guests than knowing who they are and catering to their needs. This includes translating your descriptions and email notifications to their preferred language. In addition to English, you can add translated information in Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Italian, and Portuguese. But if …

Weekly Commerce Quick Tip: Require or Suggest?

Most of the time, you’ll be creating a bundle with products that are suggested. This gives the guest the option to purchase the original item and then opt out of purchasing what you offer within the bundle. If you require the bundle, then any of the child products included are automatically added to the cart. …

Weekly Commerce Quick Tip: Can I Discount My Bundle?

How do you offer discounted products within a bundle? It can be done but you need to think about what a bundle really is. Bundles are a way to offer the guest complementary products when they purchase a specific product. A bundle doesn’t group products together to offer a discount; that’s what a promotion does. …

Weekly Commerce Quick Tip: Restrict Who Can Purchase A Specific Bundled Product

If you want a product to be available only for bundled offers, no problem! Within the RMS, find the product. From the Settings menu for that product, select Restrictions and then check the box next to Check if this item can only be sold as part of a bundle. This will prevent the product from …

Weekly Commerce Quick Tip: Go Ahead, Bundle It!

Are you using Product Bundles? Bundles allow you to suggest or require products to be sold when other products are purchased. This will offer the guest more options, allowing you to upsell easier, which will increase revenue. More information about how to create Product Bundles is available within Innovative U.

Weekly Commerce Quick Tip: Benefit from Itinerary Notes!

How are you communicating internally about guests and itineraries? For example, a VIP guest requests an early check in. How are you ensuring that the right people know about it?  Itinerary Notes within Agentopia can help. A huge benefit of this feature is that you can easily and quickly send a note to other resources …

Weekly Commerce Quick Tip: I Know What You Did Last Summer!

And last winter too! Past itineraries can be viewed via the Guest Profile; this is a great way to see what type of accommodations and additional products you might be able to offer the guest based off of their past visits.

Weekly Commerce Quick Tip: How Flexible Are the Dates?

Does the guest have flexible dates? If they do, the View Calendar link within the Agentopia lodging search results list will show you a 3-month view of any minimum night stay requirements for the product. It’s also a useful tool if the guest hasn’t decided on specific arrival and departure dates.

Weekly Commerce Quick Tip: Sort Me, Please!

Are you sorting your search results list within Agentopia? Any column header that is underlined can be sorted. Click on the header to sort the columns in ascending order. Click on it again to sort it in descending order. The icon next to the column header will let you know which way it’s going!