Sugarloaf automatically boosts follower growth with socially-targeted emails.

Sugarloaf, Maine was one of the first resorts to use our new social CRM platform. Realizing they knew who was both active on social media but also, and perhaps more importantly, who wasn’t following them on Twitter, Sugarloaf created a simple campaign to convert more of these non-follower guests to social media fans.

Sugarloaf used an email campaign with a straightforward strategy:

  • Pinpoint recipients by only emailing those guests in the database who don’t follow Sugarloaf on Twitter
  • Drive awareness and use of their new self-hosted social media hub called the “BlueRoom”
  • Drive awareness and follower counts across each of the resort’s social media accounts

All of this was handled automatically each day so if new guests were added to the database that didn’t follow the resort, they’d receive this email message.

Though the higher priority of the campaign was to drive traffic to Sugarloaf’s BlueRoom social media hub, the results trickled down throughout all their social media accounts.

When this campaign was launched and sent to existing guests in the database, Twitter follower growth nearly doubled, increasing by over 90% during the days following the launch.