Booking Abandonment / Reservation Recovery

Booking abandonment (also called “booking recovery” or “reservation recovery”) is a campaign that is triggered by a website visitor who begins the booking process but never completes it.

For example, the abandonment message flow might go something like this:

  1. Arrives on hotel website
  2. Searches using booking engine
  3. Browses room options
  4. Begins checkout process (enters email)
  5. Leaves site
  6. One day later email deals or reminders is sent

Thought this is often run via digital channels, come of our clients reach out to these prospective guests by phone. Either way, because these travelers have shown significant intent to travel to your location, the results of such campaigns typically yield substantial results.

Advanced Booking Abandonment
Advanced CRM and data integration into a hotel website can allow these booking abandonment emails to be sent based on any behavior within the booking engine even if an email address is not entered.

Once CRM data is tied to website behavior, the sky is the limit.