Seven insights into how age correlates to key guest behaviors.

We’ve been publishing new content every week since 2012. Do the math, that’s over 200 unique insights based on unique data sets. Every year we do a recap of the top posts, but those lists aren’t broken down by topic which is how most of you sort through our archive of charts and insights.

Rather than just add categories of all posts – good and bad – we’re handpicking collections of the top posts around specific themes. Today’s topic is social media marketing. What works? Where are we going? How did we get here? Enjoy.

Do older resort guests tend to have a higher NPS than younger guests?
Net Promoter Score is a metric with many uses. We’ve looked at how accurate it is as a return rate predictor and compared it to a…
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Are older social media users as influential online as their younger counterparts?
We’ve put numbers to a few instinctual responses in the age versus social media debate. Today we want to add another insight to this list…
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Are resort guests with Gmail addresses younger than those using AOL emails?
Last week we looked at how many people in resort databases are using various email providers like Yahoo!, Gmail, or AOL. A long list…
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How much does social media activity decrease as the age of guests increases?
We all know, or at least assume, that older guests are less likely to use social media than younger guests. In true mythbusters…
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Are older guests at your resort more likely to book a return trip?
Over the last few months we’ve been exploring factors that impact the likelihood someone will return to a resort. We’ve explored everything…
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Who does email really reach? The young tech-savvy crew or the older crowd?
Now you’re seeing what happens when marketers get excited about something: they just keep rolling with it. Such is the…
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Age vs. length-of-stay: the older the guest, the longer they stay?
A lot of things can change with age – jobs, vacation days, income, marital status, and children are just a few. To start…
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