Five Tips to Maximize Your eCommerce Potential

Whether you’re new to eCommerce or a seasoned expert, there is a recipe for creating a well-designed site. These 5 tips will start you in the right direction.

Make It Easy for People to Buy Your Product

If you have a product to sell, you need to make sure your customers can buy it. But you need to make sure the purchasing path is obvious and easy. If it is cumbersome, a customer might abandon their cart and forget about the purchase.

To make it easy, use good booking widgets whenever you describe a product or package on your site. Make sure that your booking widgets are visible all throughout the customer’s experience on your site, always above the fold, assuming that your site is responsive. The key is, ensuring the easiest path to making a purchase with as few clicks or scrolls as possible. Let’s be honest, in the digital age, we have all become less inclined to seek out booking buttons if they are not literally placed right in front of our faces.

Use Pictures

You know the saying…A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words. Guests want to see what your lodging options, activities, golf courses, trails, event venues, scenery, and everything else looks like. Use updated and professional photos, and use a lot of them. If you’re selling a room, include pictures of the bed type, bathroom, sitting area, kitchen, views from the terrace, as well as the common areas that are available to the guest, such as storage lockers, pools, hot tubs, laundry facilities, and entrances to the building. Make sure you also include descriptions so your guests know what they are looking at.

For additional tips on how to make the best use of photos within your RMS, check out our other post here.

Be Creative and Current with Promotions

One thing that entices a guest is a good promotion. Are you creating new and exciting promotions based on the season and local events? For example, are you within the best solar eclipse viewing area? Do you have the perfect spot for guests to view it? Create a special package to attract guests to experience this unforgettable event. Make the most out of local entertainment (festivals, music, etc.) or special events by building current and creative promotions. To put it simply, take what makes you unique, and leverage it throughout all of your messaging, promotions, and packages.

Offer Additional Value

When we say “additional value”, we don’t mean free. Offer products that complement what the guest has already purchased. For example, if the guest is purchasing lift tickets, you could create a bundle to also offer lessons, equipment valet services, or even tubing. By bundling products together, you can provide the guest with additional options that they may not have known were available. This will help you upsell while enhancing the guest’s experience. You will also be able to better anticipate incoming business levels, since your guests will have pre-purchased activities, keeping you in the know as to where your guests will be and when.

Keep It Simple

Now that the guest has decided to make the booking, make it as simple as possible for the guest to complete the booking process. If the process is difficult or confusing, the guest may become frustrated and abandon their purchase. Limit the number of requirements that the guest must provide to only those that are absolutely necessary. The fewer steps a guest needs to make to complete a transaction, the more transactions your business will experience, and the result will be an increase in revenue opportunities.

When your eCommerce site is easy to use with plenty of pictures and details, the guest will have a positive experience. This will result in more bookings and increased revenue for you.

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