2017 Presentations

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Day One – General Session and Guest Panelists

State of Inntopia and Roadmap – Trevor Crist, Corey Ryan, Amy Josef, John Kitonis, Brian Forrest, Tom Foley – View Video

State of the Industry – Tom Foley and Ralf Garrison, Inntopia

Big Passes and the Mountain Community – Gregg Blanchard and panelists

Ride Inspire, Lead – Alex Bornstein, The Chill Foundation

Day Two – Breakout Sessions

Inntopia Business Intelligence – Tom Foley, Inntopia

The State of Inntopia RMS – Gibson LaFountaine, Inntopia

Supplier Engagement from the Reseller Perspective – Julianne Fedrizzi and Duncan Nutter, Inntopia – View Video

What Happens When your Content Marketing Stops Working? – MJ Legault, Origins Design

Turning New Email Addresses into New Guests – Patrick Sande, Inntopia – View Video

Innovative U: an Update on Inntopia’s eLearning Tool – Patty Weber and Melissa Jordan, Inntopia – View video

Inntopia CRS Best Practices and Enhancements – Holly Baker, Inntopia

Taking Guest Surveying from Good to Great – Kurt Kinscherf, Inntopia

Turning the Boat: The Day-to-day of Solving Enterprise Engineering – Tim Kiely and Paul Wagner


Day Three – Breakout Sessions

Behind the Scenes from Slopefiller’s Upcoming RebrandGregg Blanchard, Inntopia

Turning the Boat – The day-to-day of Solving Enterprise Engineering – Paul Wagner and Tim Kiely, Inntopia

Inntopia Responsive Commerce – Lisa Prive, Tyler Mumley, and Kevin Duff, Inntopia – View Video

Springer-Miller Systems/Inntopia Best Practices – Carson Foerster, SMS and Tyler Mumley, Inntopia

Click here to view a short video recap of a compilation of pictures from the conference.